The Eighth and Final Square

with courage face the thing you fear so the pawn becomes the queen

I haven’t written a post here in a LONG time, mostly because I haven’t really felt the need to get a lot off my chest…after six years I’m doing so much better than I probably would have thought possible back then. Of course there are still lingering issues and trigger situations (I almost walked out of work on Saturday), but overall…much improved. Apparently, though, I still get really depressed and on-edge around May-July, which is when all the shit went […]

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Today is our first wedding anniversary. When I realize again that I’ve just spent the last year of my life with the most amazing man ever, it makes me all happy and excited. I’m so lucky…in so many ways!! I used to make lists of what I wanted in a husband. Then I threw out the lists…I figured I shouldn’t create expectations. And then I married Scottie. He IS the list I made…and more. I love how I can be […]

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Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 *** I was there at my friend’s friend’s house for nearly two months. I was glad to be out of my parents’ house, and was very optimistic about life (for the first time ever). But after almost two months in that house, I was more than ready to leave. Sufficient to say, she treated me a lot like my dad did…she didn’t respect my boundaries, sort of lectured me (I don’t think she meant […]

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So today is our six-month wedding anniversary. 😀 It’s hard to believe it’s been six months already. I know after a year I’ll be saying the same thing…and two years…but yeah…it seems like it was all just yesterday, but at the same time, not. lol Six months ago, we were trying to figure out who to call to be our witnesses at our wedding, which was secret at the time*. After getting married, I was late for work…but it was […]

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Maybe someone can enlighten me here: what is a so-called “godly wedding”?? I’ve heard this term applied to many different weddings, and also used in the context that Scottie’s and my court clerk written-declaration-without-solemnization wedding wasn’t “godly”. One of these people had a costume party for his wedding! Is dressing up like Robin Hood or whatever supposed to make it more godly than having a deputy court clerk do it? I’m confused. Oddly enough, the people who say our wedding […]

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