The Eighth and Final Square

with courage face the thing you fear so the pawn becomes the queen

So…I’m a little late to the party, but we JUST saw Frozen (thanks to our awesome Dish setup). I’ve seen all sorts of opinions on this movie, from “omg, so stupid, if I hear “Let It Go” one more time I’m going to go batshit!” to “omg, I love it!!” I’ve read some of the negative reviews, and I only have one thing to say…let it go. (Sorry, couldn’t help myself. 😀 ) It’s a kid’s movie. All of the […]

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Hello, to anyone who still reads this! This is probably going to be just a rambly, update-y type post. Everyone else is all like posting great articles and I’m like I wish I could! I’ve been so focused on school school school that I feel too guilty to do anything else, even if I’m not doing school. So, school…I’m taking some online classes to become a Medical Administrative Assistant, which is a fancy term for “office-person at a doctor’s office”. […]

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I’ve started so many posts that I haven’t finished or published! I figured that since I’m just sitting here nursing the baby, that I’d just talk about stuff that’s happened lately! *** I got a job!!! I’m working at a Sears portrait studio. So far it’s a lot of fun! Since I already have photography experience, I was shooting on the first day! I feel like sales is a bit more difficult for me, but I take it as a […]

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I’ve had so much to post about and so little time with two hands anymore! (It’s a lot harder for me to get my thoughts out with one hand!) So this post is probably going to be a fairly random post. Fair warning! Ari/Mothering Mama & Daughter Ari’s doing really good…Sunday the 4th she turned 3 months old! Hard to believe she’s that old already, in some ways, and in others it seems the time has flown by. It’s been […]

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Oddly enough, I’ve recently found out that stepping back from the sphere of Christianity allows me to have a better grasp on the whole thing: I’m completely objective, I have no bias or leaning or anything else interfering with the way I view the Christian bible. I see things more clearly and in a new light than I did before. (I suppose here’s where the Christians tell me “If you see it so clearly, then you’ll know it’s right!” or, […]

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With a baby on the way, I feel really unequipped to handle any kind of “bible stuff” in regards to my child. *I* don’t know what *I* believe, how am I supposed to pass it on? The other thing is, I keep thinking that I don’t want to do what my dad did and just indoctrinate my children that This Is The Way, and when they get older, they won’t know WHY they believe This Is The Way. I don’t […]

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Since the last post, a bunch of really crazy things have happened. Hopefully I can remember them all! I also have some photo challenge pics still, but the internet at the apartment clubhouse doesn’t let me get to Flickr. 🙁 Basically, my life for the last few days has been one big series of unfortunate events. First off, the people we were living with had no compunction against coming into the apartment we were living in. Even though it was […]

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For a while, just to keep my sanity, I’ve kind of held the opinion that the Old Testament is not a bunch of stuff we are supposed to do, but that it’s history, poetry, and a record of the Israelites. Kind of like, Proverbs is not a book to live by, it’s a book full of wise sayings and teachings ( some of which to a specific person, mind you), not stuff you’re SUPPOSED to do. (Have I mentioned I […]

Posted by Phoenix On Mar - 17 - 2011 16 Comments READ FULL POST
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