The Eighth and Final Square

with courage face the thing you fear so the pawn becomes the queen

Someone asked me why I’m agnostic and no longer a Christian, and I decided to go ahead and put it in a post since it ended up being so long! Anne, can/would you please tell me how or why you think of yourself as an agnostic or atheist? (I got this idea from one of your recent posts.) Yes, I know that your home-life was not the best environment in which to be nurtured. I get some of what you […]

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Who am I? I’m me, without apology. But who is “me”? What defines me? What do I want to be defined by? I don’t like labels. Labels put you in a neat packaged box. I don’t want to be in boxes anymore. So what do I do? In my current About Me, I wrote: The more I think about it, the more I think who you are is defined by what you believe: what you hold on to, what you […]

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I’ve always been afraid of God*. I’ve always been afraid he was arbitrary, and that even though I tried my best to be whatever he wanted, it would never be enough. I was afraid to get baptized when I turned 18 (my family’s age of allowing baptism) because my dad never seemed to have anything good to say about me in his lectures, while one of my brothers seemed to do everything “right”. I was afraid that if predestination was […]

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With a baby on the way, I feel really unequipped to handle any kind of “bible stuff” in regards to my child. *I* don’t know what *I* believe, how am I supposed to pass it on? The other thing is, I keep thinking that I don’t want to do what my dad did and just indoctrinate my children that This Is The Way, and when they get older, they won’t know WHY they believe This Is The Way. I don’t […]

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ALL OF THEM >:D haha j/k. Umm…not sure. I try to live without rules so there’s none to break. 😀 Ask me anything! (If you aren't brave enough to ask me something, you may ask anonymously. hehe)

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Oh I guess I forgot to answer what my situation was…I lived with my parents and 11 siblings (until my brother got married). My dad was very controlling and brainwashed his kids (there’s a few posts on that too). He thinks he will answer to God for *everything* his wife/kids/grandkids do, unless he absolutely cuts them off and washes his hands of them, which he did with me when I left. When I figured out there was something wrong and […]

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Hi Rebekah, I haven’t turned away from anything. I’m reevaluating everything I know and have been taught to believe to see if it has any credibility because so much of it has been false. Yes, I have questions about God, no, I don’t consider myself a christian at this time, but I haven’t turned my back on God — only the labels, the commandments of men, and the man-made gods. Right now what I believe in is love and human […]

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