The Eighth and Final Square

with courage face the thing you fear so the pawn becomes the queen

I’m so late. I also haven’t had the use of both of my hands most of the time I’ve been at my computer lately. This is going to be a short update, and I’ll have the full story later on, but for the people who haven’t seen…Ari was born December 4th!!! The short version: I ended up testing positive for pre-eclampsia so they induced, and when that didn’t work (two and a half days on pitocin and nothing happened…seriously…), she […]

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I figured it would be easiest to write a blog post and link it everywhere (or copy and paste) rather than trying to retell what happened at the doctor’s today everywhere I promised an update. OK, to recap: I had an OB-GYN in the beginning who is probably better with non-first-time moms because she was rather indisposed to answer my questions. My last visit with her was July 28th. I had an ultrasound August 16th so I didn’t try looking […]

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Have you ever wondered if there was more to the story of Mary than what is written in the Christian bible? I have. Especially after also becoming pregnant unexpectedly. I know, I know, it’s a common myth that you run that risk if you don’t use protection or birth control 100% of the time. (In reality, there are fertile times of the month, and non-fertile times of the month. Unfortunately, apparently my body isn’t that predictable!) When the angel spoke […]

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IT’S A GIRL!!!!!!!!!!! Head on the right…the spine is those little bumps on the mid-left.   The elbow and a fist. She was wiggling her hands and fingers again, and we saw her suck her thumb!   The heel is on the left…the toes on the right   So…I was told if it was a boy, to look for a turtle…I guess if it’s a girl, you look for a tank xD (Maybe I’m just weird, but those three lines […]

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So I had my doctor’s appointment yesterday (they switched it from Tuesday to Monday)…no ultrasound. 🙁 But we did get to hear the baby’s heartbeat instead of see it! It was 140…which is right in the normal range. People keep telling me it’s a boy because of that! The doctor also said she’ll have the hospital call me to schedule a “formal ultrasound” in the next couple weeks…and THAT one should let us know if this is Phoenix or Ariadne […]

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Happy Father’s Day to two of my favorite people in the world who are both new fathers…Joe and Scottie!! I’m sure they’re both gonna be great fathers! And happy father’s day to my father in law, other fathers, etc. And single moms. 😉 *** Children are smart. There, I said it. My dad would totally disagree. But seriously, how does a 2 year old learn the word ‘delicious’ and know how to use it properly? Nobody tried to teach her, […]

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I had a dream the other night that I beat up my dad. I think it was good it happened in a dream…and I think it helped get out some if my anger at him. *** I think when I moved out, I made a wall of some sort around my heart, unconsciously, because I wasn’t letting what they said influence me or hurt me. The problem is, I don’t know how to take that wall down, and I have […]

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Well I already told the people on facebook, and I really wanted to post a pic on here with the news…but I can’t post a pic from my ipod. 🙁 anyways… I’m pregnant. Just going into my 12th week now 😀 I emailed my parents…no idea if they read the email (I’d guess not), but with the subject of ‘your second grandchild’ so they couldn’t help seeing it. My next appointment is June 28th. We are hoping for a girl […]

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