The Eighth and Final Square

with courage face the thing you fear so the pawn becomes the queen

I sit with my back against the wall in his tiny office, my arms wrapped around my knees. Maybe if I curl up small enough, he’ll forget about me. Maybe he’ll stop drilling me with his eyes. But he doesn’t; he loves the sound of his own voice, as he talks on and on about my duty and responsibility to stay with them forever until he finds a suitable mate; about his own authority over me; about all the bad […]

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Ari just turned three, in December. By the time I was three, my parents had three kids (me, 3, Ben, 1, and Joe, newborn). I can’t imagine having three children all Ari’s age or younger! I think about all the quality time I have with Ari, and it makes me so happy that I can do that. By the time Ruth was the age I am currently, they had seven kids (see the photo on the right). Today, Ari and […]

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Ari has a habit lately of not taking very long naps. I don’t know what prompted this, or how to get her to sleep longer, and it’s frustrating for the both of us. She slept 20 minutes today, and refused to go back to sleep even though she was sooo tired. The floor was covered in her toys and stuff, but all she wanted was my phone (which I’ve stopped letting her play with since she keeps calling people!), my […]

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Today, February 4th, Ari is exactly fourteen months old. She is such a goof! Right now, her favorite colors are red and hot pink. She says mama, dada, nee-nee (water), ni-ni (night-night), tick-oh (tickle), auma (Gramma/Aunty Tam, her favorite aunt), mmm (food), na-na (nummies), and a few other words that you can only decipher in context, like potato. And probably a few more that I’m forgetting! She recently found out I have two boobs, and she always wants to switch from […]

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Ari started her birthday off with her morning nummies. She was reaching for the camera (as usual) LOL Yeah her lip goes funky when she nurses but it doesn’t hurt, promise! Next, she read her Elmo book. She loves books! And then more nummies. I LOVE her chubby little fingers!! Then we went downstairs and she played with her ring stacker toy. Her chubby wittle baby feetsies are to DIE for!! Playing with the ring stacker! Playing with the baby […]

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Wow, it’s November already! Time is going extremely fast and extremely slow at the same time. It feels like just yesterday when Ari was born and now she’s nearly a year…but at the same time I remember all of the long nights and stuff. Kind of weird. Speaking of Ari, she just had her first Halloween! I dressed her as a baby ballerina…SO CUTE!!! Isn’t she just the adorableness??? I didn’t get her slippers done in time so I just […]

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I’ve started so many posts that I haven’t finished or published! I figured that since I’m just sitting here nursing the baby, that I’d just talk about stuff that’s happened lately! *** I got a job!!! I’m working at a Sears portrait studio. So far it’s a lot of fun! Since I already have photography experience, I was shooting on the first day! I feel like sales is a bit more difficult for me, but I take it as a […]

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June 4 was Ari’s half-birthday. I feel horrible because I didn’t post ON the day, but I did manage to get pictures. When you’ve got a baby, sometimes things just take longer. For instance, I rarely clip the nails of both my hands in one session…or hers, for that matter! I think this is where I’m supposed to say “Time flies!” but it doesn’t seem like it. To look back and go “six months ago she was fresh-born!” is weird, […]

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