The Eighth and Final Square

with courage face the thing you fear so the pawn becomes the queen

Things I’ve Learned From My Male Begetter: Family comes first. No “best friend” can ever match the relationship you’ll have with your family. Family will always be there for you, even when friends come and go. (Except when you disagree with the family and they cut you off.) Fear is good. Fear of god, fear of consequences, fear of “authority figures”. (Fear is a very strong motivator. Fear keeps you trapped, tied to the person/people you believe will save you. […]

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I am proud of what I’ve sacrificed, And I am proud of what I’ve saved, In commitment to a greater good, Strength grows from splintered faith. I have a quote on my About Me page, and also on my Facebook profile…”I want to be me without apology.” I realized today that I am. Me. Without apology. I posted a post on Facebook which became much more controversial than I expected. Some people disagreed strongly, some people agreed, and some people […]

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Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 *** I was there at my friend’s friend’s house for nearly two months. I was glad to be out of my parents’ house, and was very optimistic about life (for the first time ever). But after almost two months in that house, I was more than ready to leave. Sufficient to say, she treated me a lot like my dad did…she didn’t respect my boundaries, sort of lectured me (I don’t think she meant […]

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Since the last post, a bunch of really crazy things have happened. Hopefully I can remember them all! I also have some photo challenge pics still, but the internet at the apartment clubhouse doesn’t let me get to Flickr. 🙁 Basically, my life for the last few days has been one big series of unfortunate events. First off, the people we were living with had no compunction against coming into the apartment we were living in. Even though it was […]

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Here’s a collection of posts that have been written recently that I think are worth taking note of or are just cool. Lewis writes about Bounded Choice, which is always a good one. Lewis gives this example: If someone kicks you out of an airplane at 10,000 feet, and you’re lucky enough to be wearing a parachute, you have two options: pull the rip cord or become a greasy spot on the ground. Now, make no mistake, the decision to […]

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So, today is when everyone does the obligatory “I’m thankful for…” post. So I figured, why not? 🙂 I’m thankful for: Family. I’m thankful for my siblings (and I miss them very much!!) and my lovely new family (every time I see them one or more of them says “I’m so glad Scott picked you for a wife, Anne!”) and my “adopted” family (whom I also miss!) and my extended family (whom I miss as well!)

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