The Eighth and Final Square

with courage face the thing you fear so the pawn becomes the queen

ALL OF THEM >:D haha j/k. Umm…not sure. I try to live without rules so there’s none to break. 😀 Ask me anything! (If you aren't brave enough to ask me something, you may ask anonymously. hehe)

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Oh I guess I forgot to answer what my situation was…I lived with my parents and 11 siblings (until my brother got married). My dad was very controlling and brainwashed his kids (there’s a few posts on that too). He thinks he will answer to God for *everything* his wife/kids/grandkids do, unless he absolutely cuts them off and washes his hands of them, which he did with me when I left. When I figured out there was something wrong and […]

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Hi Rebekah, I haven’t turned away from anything. I’m reevaluating everything I know and have been taught to believe to see if it has any credibility because so much of it has been false. Yes, I have questions about God, no, I don’t consider myself a christian at this time, but I haven’t turned my back on God — only the labels, the commandments of men, and the man-made gods. Right now what I believe in is love and human […]

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