The Eighth and Final Square

with courage face the thing you fear so the pawn becomes the queen

Once upon a time, there was a girl who was lonely. She was kept in a tower of sorts, with minimal contact to the outside world, and was very unhappy: nobody in her tower took the time to understand her and love her for who she was; instead, they tried to make her into what they thought she should be so they would love her. One day, she was introduced to a man online, and they started talking. When the girl’s parents found out, they forbid the relationship, because this man was not the caveman her parents wanted her to be with. She followed her heart, however, and kept talking to him. He cared about her, and after a couple years, he knew her heart better than anyone she lived with. He wasn’t perfect; in fact, he broke her heart, but he was also the one to mend it.

He grew to love her, and loved her for who she was, not for who he thought she should be. He was her lifeline. He encouraged her many times to leave her tower, but said she had to do it for herself, not for him.

When her parents found out she was continuing the relationship, they were furious and cut off her communication to the outside world completely. He was afraid he had lost her forever, but she couldn’t bear to live without him and figured out how to communicate.

After only a few weeks, the girl’s father confronted her and asked if she was going to leave the tower. The girl couldn’t stand being locked up anymore, and said yes.

A few more weeks later, the man came to visit the girl, who was now a woman. They got married, and are now celebrating their fourth Valentine’s Day together as a married couple. The woman never regretted her decision to leave her tower, and they are happier than ever.


Scottie, you’re everything I hoped and dreamed for in a husband (and father)…and more. You’re kind, compassionate, funny, SEXY, intelligent, and hardworking. You’ve given me the space I need to grow into the woman I was always supposed to be, and you’ve had the patience with me through very difficult times in that growing process. You’re a wonderful father to Ari, and I can’t imagine life without you, nor sharing my life with anyone else!! I love you forever and for always!!



Us on our anniversary in 2012

Us on our anniversary in 2012

Ari and Daddy

Ari and Daddy








Our song:

Phoenix On February - 14 - 2014

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