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I realize this entire post comes from my own experience, but I think I will make some good points. When I was a kid, we were made to share rooms. With 12 kids, you can’t really get each kid their own room (which is partly why I think having a ton of kids is irresponsible). I hated it. Being an introvert, I need my own space, and especially in a family of that size, a personal space to call your […]

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So lately I’ve been thinking of changing my name, and a new year is a good time to make a big change, right? I like the idea of choosing a name that fits you, because let’s face it…honestly, the name you were given doesn’t always fit YOU, the real YOU. I never liked my middle name anyway…it’s really boring. What I want to do is make Anne my middle name, and change my first name to Phoenix. I can still […]

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There are tons of ways to fuck up your kid, but probably the fastest way is to cut them off completely from you and pretty much pretend they don’t exist. Sometimes it’s actually beneficial in some ways, like that kid won’t have to deal with further shit while still healing from the shit they’ve already been through, but it’ll still fuck them up. How can it not fuck someone up when the people who gave life to you disown you? […]

Posted by Phoenix On Jan - 4 - 2014 Add Comments READ FULL POST
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