The Eighth and Final Square

with courage face the thing you fear so the pawn becomes the queen

I probably say this too much, but I LOVE that I now have the freedom to just be myself. There are SO many things that I almost take for granted now that I couldn’t do three and a half years ago. Mostly little things, that “normal” people DO take for granted, but some others too.

I can paint my nails any color I want.

I have a driver’s license.

I have a bank account without my parents’ name on it.

I can smoke or drink if I want to. (Tobacco, not weed.)

I can watch whatever movies I want.

I can go anywhere I want on the internet.

I can talk to whoever I want online.

I can go on the internet whenever I want, easily.

I can go places and (try to) make friends.

I can buy and wear whatever style of clothes I want.

I can get whatever piercings I want.

I can get whatever tattoos I want.

I can voice my opinions without fear of unjust punishment.

I can show emotion without being afraid of showing another weakness that might be targeted.

I can live free of the fear of accidentally making my parents upset and incurring punishment.

I can wear whatever makeup I want without being asked if I’m trying to look like a whore.

I’m no longer called “chil’ren” in a condescending tone, or “fool”, on a regular basis.

I no longer have to stop to listen to hours-long lectures even when I’m in the middle of something.

I no longer have to fear the words “I want to see you in my office after dinner” (or any variant thereof).

I no longer have to worry about someone constantly tearing me down for no reason.

I’m no longer held responsible for something other people did merely because I was in the room (but doing my own thing).


Let me tell you…living free is so much greater. Honestly, I wish I left earlier than I did. And to think they think they are teaching me a lesson, and that eventually I’ll come crawling back to them! Once you’ve tasted freedom, how can you go back to bondage?

Phoenix On August - 15 - 2013

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