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When I was a kid, I was made to feel ashamed of my body. It was reinforced by not using proper terms for our own genitalia, and instead using vague terms like “boy parts” and “girl parts” or just “private parts”. “Penis”, “vagina”, “labia”, “vulva”, and “clitoris” were words we didn’t say (and didn’t even know until we were older). As my body developed during puberty, the shame I had previously felt over my body intensified. Until I was 18 […]

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I’m constantly amazed how well-behaved (and brilliant!) Ari is. My definition of “well-behaved” has probably changed since I was at my parents’, because I also believe she is a small child and will act like a small child, and she DOES have meltdowns (usually if she hasn’t had a nap or is hungry). Most of what she has learned has been just by example. She shares her food with us, because we share our food with her…not because we whacked […]

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My dad liked to tell a story, I have no clue if it’s true or not (knowing my dad, probably not; knowing dictators, probably) about Genghis Khan, that went something like this: One day, Genghis Khan said he would like to have pork for dinner. All his servants went out looking for pigs to slaughter, and there were none. Even though Genghis Khan had merely suggested he wanted pork for dinner, they all knew he would have their heads if […]

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