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with courage face the thing you fear so the pawn becomes the queen

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I probably say this too much, but I LOVE that I now have the freedom to just be myself. There are SO many things that I almost take for granted now that I couldn’t do three and a half years ago. Mostly little things, that “normal” people DO take for granted, but some others too. I can paint my nails any color I want. I have a driver’s license. I have a bank account without my parents’ name on it. […]

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Atheism First, read my post Why I’m Agnostic?. Much of that is still true. My journey out of Christianity was agonizing and long. I’ve passed through hardcore fundamental Christianity (what I grew up with), to “fundie-lite” (when I got out, where I still believed a lot of the more fundie stuff, but wasn’t an ass about it), to mainstream Christianity, to agnosticism, and eventually, atheism. In my Why I’m Agnostic? post, I said I had atheist leanings because of crazy […]

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