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with courage face the thing you fear so the pawn becomes the queen

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I had an amazing day. A new mommy friend of mine picked me up (the unamazing part of the day was when we found out the car battery was dead) and we met a bunch of other mommy friends at the mall. That was all cool, but the most amazing thing was that I actually felt like equals with them. I actually felt like an adult. (Thanks to my parents, I always felt subordinate to people my own age and […]

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Who am I? I’m me, without apology. But who is “me”? What defines me? What do I want to be defined by? I don’t like labels. Labels put you in a neat packaged box. I don’t want to be in boxes anymore. So what do I do? In my current About Me, I wrote: The more I think about it, the more I think who you are is defined by what you believe: what you hold on to, what you […]

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I still remember the sick-to-my-stomach feeling when my dad wanted to know if I was going to leave or not. I’ve been gone two years now. Two years! Things have not always been smooth sailing. For the longest time, I felt so guilty when I admitted that things were not all hunky-dory. I mean, leaving an abusive environment would make everything 100% better, right? Well, in some ways yes…I decide what I’m going to do and why…I make my own […]

Posted by Phoenix On Jul - 4 - 2012 7 Comments READ FULL POST
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