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The fair hasn’t happened where we live yet, but I’m looking forward to it, and hoping I’ll be OK enough to walk around! (No back trouble, OK with the heat, etc.) The fair is probably my favorite part of summer (well, besides our anniversary and my husband’s birthday!), and here are a few memories I’d like to share about good times at the fair. – Fair, 1997 – I raised a pig that year for 4-H, to show and sell. […]

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Today is our first wedding anniversary. When I realize again that I’ve just spent the last year of my life with the most amazing man ever, it makes me all happy and excited. I’m so lucky…in so many ways!! I used to make lists of what I wanted in a husband. Then I threw out the lists…I figured I shouldn’t create expectations. And then I married Scottie. He IS the list I made…and more. I love how I can be […]

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I’ve never liked it when non-parents, or parents of very young children, talked about parenting and how to raise kids. The reason being, the Big Bad Teen Years were still looming in the not-so-distant future. How were those young parents and young non-parents going to prove their methods worked, if they hadn’t successfully brought a child through the teen years? My dad would explain his methods of child training to other people. Stuff like, if your kid has an attitude, […]

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IT’S A GIRL!!!!!!!!!!! Head on the right…the spine is those little bumps on the mid-left.   The elbow and a fist. She was wiggling her hands and fingers again, and we saw her suck her thumb!   The heel is on the left…the toes on the right   So…I was told if it was a boy, to look for a turtle…I guess if it’s a girl, you look for a tank xD (Maybe I’m just weird, but those three lines […]

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One of the side effects of repressing my feelings and emotions for so long is that a lot of my memories are locked away as well. I’m hoping when I figure out how to tap into the locked-away dam of emotions (any time it opens just a little, I start hyperventilating and can’t stop until I push away the pain again), I’ll get all my memories back. My childhood is fuzzy. I’m only 24, and I can’t remember most of […]

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I remember quite a few years ago (I was 14 or younger) the instant in which any self-confidence I had was shattered. Our family was visiting the family of one of my dad’s Russian drivers (for those who don’t know, my dad owned his own trucking company for many years), and we were all sitting around the dining room table eating the delicious meal Mrs. N. had made. The adults were at one end of the table, and were talking […]

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Author’s Note 04-26-12: I still agree with most of the things I wrote here, but I consider myself an agnostic, out of choice, not reaction. I read this post this morning and originally I was going to just post the link to Facebook and add my thoughts, but then I thought I would write a blog post. Besides that, I wanted to make sure people read her post. “I Used To Be You” by Libby Anne When I first started […]

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Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 *** I was there at my friend’s friend’s house for nearly two months. I was glad to be out of my parents’ house, and was very optimistic about life (for the first time ever). But after almost two months in that house, I was more than ready to leave. Sufficient to say, she treated me a lot like my dad did…she didn’t respect my boundaries, sort of lectured me (I don’t think she meant […]

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