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Dear Dad, I’ve got a newsflash for you: people change. And it’s a normal, healthy part of life. It’s funny you should post on facebook about how changing one’s beliefs equals not having beliefs in the first place, because I was just thinking about how you abhor change. I remember how you went on and on about how C believed differently because you had on tape what she said she believed in 04, and then what happened in 08 (or […]

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ALL OF THEM >:D haha j/k. Umm…not sure. I try to live without rules so there’s none to break. 😀 Ask me anything! (If you aren't brave enough to ask me something, you may ask anonymously. hehe)

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Oh I guess I forgot to answer what my situation was…I lived with my parents and 11 siblings (until my brother got married). My dad was very controlling and brainwashed his kids (there’s a few posts on that too). He thinks he will answer to God for *everything* his wife/kids/grandkids do, unless he absolutely cuts them off and washes his hands of them, which he did with me when I left. When I figured out there was something wrong and […]

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Hi Rebekah, I haven’t turned away from anything. I’m reevaluating everything I know and have been taught to believe to see if it has any credibility because so much of it has been false. Yes, I have questions about God, no, I don’t consider myself a christian at this time, but I haven’t turned my back on God — only the labels, the commandments of men, and the man-made gods. Right now what I believe in is love and human […]

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There is someone I have known longer than almost anybody. We played together as kids; talked about stuff we couldn’t talk about to other people…and fought. A lot. But he is also someone I’ve gained new respect for, as an adult. I’ve said this to him before, but I’ll say it again here: I’m proud of you, Joe. I admire the man you are, the man you are becoming. No matter what other people call you. You stood, and continue […]

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So recently I found out my dad made his facebook wall viewable. It was previously private. My first thought is he’s trying to tell me something. Especially when the first things he started posting when it was unprivate was “quotes” from me. I have no clue where he got those from, unless I left a diary there by accident (which is unlikely. I keep forgetting to check the dates on the diaries I have to see if one is missing). […]

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Dear Conservative Homeschool Teens & Adults, I’d like to tell you something that will probably shock you. Actually, I hope it does. I want to tell you a little secret: The only way to have a baby is to have sex. I promise. I want to tell you some other things as well. First though, I want to tell you I am married. That means I can have sex with my husband whenever we want, right? Yep. I’ll tell you […]

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Here are my two photos for the Thursday Challenge! My sis Kate, a pic taken a few years ago. Me in a mirror!

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