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I don’t think I’ll get any photo challenge pictures done…I haven’t taken any, and Thursday and Friday are right around the corner. Sometimes I kind of feel guilty for not doing them…but, it’ s all my choice anyway. (At least I try to remind myself of that!) The last week has been difficult…we were supposed to be out of this place by the 31st, and it was getting down to it. We’ve both been applying at different places for jobs, […]

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That’s what I call the letter my parents sent out to everyone. I’ve been wanting to do a breakdown of it for a while. Besides that, it helps me to dissect it. And if anyone thinks it’s “disrespectful” or whatever, well, stuff it. Call this the “other side”. For those of you unlucky enough to NOT get this gem sent to you…here’s the version with…shall we say, bonus features. 😉 To All, It is with great sadness, terrible heartache and […]

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Walking around the neighborhood the other day, I took these pics of the grate of a drainage ditch for the challenge of “metal”.

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I figured for this week’s photo challenge I’d post the pictures I took the day before (it was less than 24 hours before so it counts!). I didn’t edit this one past brightening it. I think it turned out kind of weird, like I took a picture of a picture, or scanned it. I think I accidentally had my camera on low-res. 🙁 I was also about 10 feet away from this tree. haha Same tree…lol   Still the same […]

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For a while, just to keep my sanity, I’ve kind of held the opinion that the Old Testament is not a bunch of stuff we are supposed to do, but that it’s history, poetry, and a record of the Israelites. Kind of like, Proverbs is not a book to live by, it’s a book full of wise sayings and teachings ( some of which to a specific person, mind you), not stuff you’re SUPPOSED to do. (Have I mentioned I […]

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I actually have “many” more than this, too, haha.

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So there’s some huge debate thing going on with two sides. I don’t really know much about it, except it seems one side is pro-love and the other side is anti-pro-love-side. I also gather that one side staunchly believes in the existence of hell (as in agony and flames for eternity), and the other side is questioning that. (If that’s not exactly right, don’t bother to correct me because these are my thoughts and I don’t really care who is […]

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This week’s photo challenge from WordPress is “shadow“. I went outside and took a picture of my shadow and turned it pink…yippee! lol OK, not the most original picture in the world, but oh well. Haven’t felt very creative this week.

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